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Board Games for Ravenclaws


They may have Wizard Chess, but witches and wizards can find great entertainment from muggle games as well. So I decided to curate lists of games that witches and wizards of each house would enjoy. And of course, I have to start with my own house, Ravenclaw. 

For Ravenclaws, it’s all about the strategy. Focusing more on developing a logical plan, Ravenclaws would enjoy games focused less on direct combat and more about seeing a plan take action towards victory. Worker placement games are great for Ravenclaws for these reasons.

Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep is a quintessential work placement strategy game. Based in the D&D universe, Ravenclaws will love the multiple strategies and figuring out the best path to victory for their character.


Tokaido is the combat-free strategy game Ravenclaws will love. Its themeing is relaxing, which keeps the game about the strategy and not about defeating opponents.

Star Fluxx

Although it is more chaotic than the other games on this list, Star Fluxx, and really any Fluxx game, provides more of a challenge to a Ravenclaw. The rules and the objective is always changing, so the ready mind of Ravenclaw is more on their toes when playing a Fluxx game.


Carcassonne is a true classic. It shares similar reasoning with Tokaido, where it’s combat free strategy can let a Ravenclaw focus in on the victory condition. Carcassonne also has opportunities to work together depending on how you play, which can lead Ravenclaws into some brainstorming.


Much like the rest of this list, Citadels is all about that strategy and making a plan to lead you to victory. Citadels, in particular, takes a lot of planning and logic, which are assets of any Ravenclaw when gaming.

Are you a Ravenclaw? What games would you put on this list? Let me know with a comment!

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