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First Look: Identity V


I’ve been diving into more mobile games over the last few months, and I actually came across this game through YouTube. Identity V is a 4-v-1 asymmetrical horror game that is very, very similar to Dead by Daylight. It actually has the developer support of the Dead by Daylight team, which is what intrigued me enough to give it a try. 

I like to describe this game as Coraline meets Dead by Daylight. The cartoony, button eye people takes me directly into the Other Mother’s world while the gameplay and setting is clearly Dead by Daylight. What I find most interesting upon starting the game is that, unlike Dead by Daylight, there is a very clear story with this game.

You enter the game playing a Private Detective who was sent to investigate a dilapidated manor in search of a man’s missing daughter. The clues begin to lead to “the game” and where many people have disappeared to. This is where the 4-v-1 play begins.

If you’ve ever played Dead by Daylight, the gameplay is already very familiar to you. You have to decipher messages like you would fix generators to get the password to open the gates. You can save your teammate from the rocket chairs much like saving them from hooks. There are also palettes you can knock down to stun hunters. The gameplay similarities are that similar. Playing this type of game on mobile though is definitely a different experience and really impressive to me that it could be done.

Identity V also has many different characters that you can play as, with different perks for each character on both the hunter and survivor side. These perks and character types are what brings more uniqueness to this game over Dead by Daylight, as it gives more options right off the bat.

If you enjoy Dead by Daylight or you want to try out an asymmetrical horror game, Identity V is an interesting option that is also free on Google Play and Apple Store.

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