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Board Games for Hufflepuffs


Hufflepuffs to me seem like the house most likely to play board games together. So here is my list of what games I think they would take to the table. 

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is one of my personal favorites. While a competitive game you tend to focus more on what you’re doing versus what everyone else is doing. It’s a well-loved casual game the any Hufflepuff would enjoy.

Forbidden series

Cooperative games are great for Hufflepuffs because it is everyone working together to defeat the game. The Forbidden series of games works great for this, as the cooperative style and creative use of lands makes it a compelling game for Hufflepuffs to play.


Although this game is not strictly cooperative, you have to help each other in order to win by yourself. It’s an interesting take on a competitive game that Hufflepuffs would appreciate.

Castle Panic

Another coop game! This time everyone is working together to defend the castle from the ogre’s. It’s not as bad as a troll in the dungeon trust me.

Sushi Go

This pass and play game is great for our friends that reside by the kitchens. It’s simple and easy to play and you focus on your own strategy versus trying to defeat other players.

What games do you think Hufflepuffs would love? Share them in the comments!

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