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First Look: Magic Kingdoms


As this post goes up, I am beginning my travels to head to the happiest place on Earth! And as I was waiting for this day to come, I came across this mobile game that peaked my interest. However, once I started playing, it was not what I expected. 

You enter introduced to our favorite mouse and his shiny, happy land. That quickly changes when darkness takes over and Maleficent appears, having cursed the land. You get to play as Mickey as he tries to remove the curse from his home and begin to build a park of your own to spread joy and happiness among visitors.

When it comes to mechanics, it’s just your average tap and wait mobile game. There is nothing really special about it. I will say, from what I have played, it doesn’t feel like a pay to win, where you can only really progress by paying money for resources to keep going. You can get everything you need by playing the game.

One thing I enjoy is that you can unlock characters to help you on your adventure, and not just the original five but characters across all of Disney and Pixar. It’s a nice touch for a chance to see your favorite characters join.

Overall, the game is a time waster more than anything else. While it is fun to see what characters you can unlock and you can sort of build your own park, there isn’t much else going on. I honestly haven’t opened the game again since I played the first couple times and took these screenshots. So if you really, really love Disney you will probably enjoy this game. Otherwise, it’s not all that special if you want a unique mobile game.

Have you found any other Disney mobile games? Share them with me in a comment!

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