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Favorite Fictional Grandmothers


My paternal grandmother is turning 90 years old this month, so it got me thinking about some of my favorite grandmas throughout fiction. I think I have found a pretty great set of matriarchs for different reasons. 

Grandma Fa

If you’re new here, it’s a good time to mention how Mulan is my favorite Disney film ever. So Grandma Fa had to be on this list. She is irreverent, hilarious, sassy, and loves her family. She’s a grandma I’d want in my family.

Queen Clarisse

Imagine finding out your grandma is a queen of her own country as well as Julie Andrews? My envy of Mia still exists to this day, to be honest.

Martha Rodgers

So Castle was one of my favorite shows, and Martha was always an interesting character. As Castle’s mother, she offered a balance to his character while still being her own independent person.


Moana’s grandma is so important in her story. She may have been the village crazy lady, but she set Moana on the course of her journey. Although her screen time is short, she is a vital grandma worth including.


Arnold’s grandma is absolutely crazy but in the best way. This eccentric lady keeps Arnold’s life interesting, has endless stories and skillsets, and is also a pretty great grandma when it comes to life lessons. Cause when in doubt, you can always put a piano on the rough.

What fictional grandma’s are your favorite? Share them with a comment below.

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