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Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies: The Sequel


I am not a huge fan of horror movies. I actually tend to avoid them at all costs and if I do get stuck watching one, I look up the entire plot so I can’t be surprised. So if you’re like me, you’ll probably not want to watch a horror movie this Halloween. And I have a list just for that.

Little Shop of Horrors

Maybe you want something more musical for Halloween night. Little Shop of Horrors has you covered, both musically and just enough horror to feel spooky without the stress.

Young Frankenstein

Want a good laugh with a side of classic horror? Young Frankenstein follows Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, yes played by Gene Wilder, as he inherits an estate in Transylvania. Experiments begin, and hilarity ensues too. If you want a classic monster with a funny twist, check this one out.

Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride is a pretty underrated movie in my opinion. A man accidentally marrying a dead woman and being taken to the underworld when he is supposed to be doing an arranged marriage brings a good mix of drama, spooky, and some goofy fun at the ridiculousness of the situation.


Out of all of these movies, Coraline is the one that creeps closest to actually scary. The Other Mother can be very creepy. But if you want that more creepy vibe without going full gore and horror, Coraline is good for that.


Want to go full family friendly? Coco works well for that and celebrating other cultures since it focuses on the Day of the Dead. If you want a more wholesome Halloween, Coco is a good choice.

Want even more choices? Read the original post from last year with even more options for not-so-scary movies.

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