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Spooky Tabletop Games for Halloween 2


You bet I have a list of board games you can take to the table for Halloween! There are a plethora of games that work great for Halloween and a fair few of lists made by bloggers. And this list is a sequel to my original spooky tabletop games for Halloween from last year, so check that out too if you want even more games to play. Now onto the games!


A chance to be a Disney villain? Why would you say no to that! In Villainous, you play as one of Disney’s most well-known villains to complete your evil plan, but the other villains may have a trick up their sleeve, or a crocodile with a clock in its stomach, to stop you.

Dracula’s Feast

Want to attend a party with some ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures that go bump in the night? You can with Dracula’s Feast. Dracula, bored and hungry, has thrown a masquerade ball, and invited all the townsfolk for dinner (and maybe a few for dessert). The problem: Some monsters in clever disguises have crashed the party. The bigger problem: Van Helsing is afoot, and everything is at stake.


Nyctophobia, which means “fear of the dark”, is a cooperative game of survival in which up to four players must work together to escape a maniacal predator chasing them in a pitch-black forest. But it gets harder. Players wear blackout glasses, so they can’t see the board while trying to escape, with only one person who can see in the dark, and that person is hunting them down.

Fury of Dracula

Want more Dracula on your table? Similar to Nyctophobia, Fury of Dracula is an all vs. one cooperative game, where a group of vampire hunters is trying to find the most infamous vampire himself. But Dracula has perks and abilities of his own that can aid him in his escapes.


A game called Halloween?! Must be perfect and no there is no Mike Myers in this. In  Halloween, you take on the role of a demon lord that controls the many ghosts on the board. Carefully plan your actions through a unique mechanism that allows you to manage multiple ghosts to try to outwit your opponents. It’s time to haunt poor unfortunate humans who think the holiday is all fun and games, but wait until you unleash ghosts upon this little town.

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4 replies on “Spooky Tabletop Games for Halloween 2”

Nyctophobia sounds really interesting, as does Halloween. Fury of Dracula is in my collection and one that I thoroughly enjoy. I play as dracula, of course, since I know the rules, and really enjoy running away from players, psyching them out and laying traps for them. Great post

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