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Quick and Geeky Halloween Costumes 4


The clock is ticking for getting a costume together for Halloween. And if you’re like me, you don’t think of an idea until about now, just 2 days before All Hallow’s Eve. As I do every October, I come up with a list of quick and geeky costume ideas that are easy to put together last minute. Here is this year’s list!

A Weasley

You can easily become a Weasley with a monogrammed sweater. Add a wand, maybe some wizarding world treats, and you’ve got yourself a Weasley. You can even go the extra mile and create a whole new Weasley character. Like as if you’re Ron’s cousin. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Luna Lovegood

Luna can be both simple and complex depending on what Luna you want to go for. You could dress in robes like a Ravenclaw and be Luna, you can add her spectrespecs that are iconic Luna, or go all out with her lion head for the Quidditch game.

Louise from Bob’s Burgers

Louise is an exceptionally easy costume because all you really need is a green t-shirt dress, black flats, and the iconic pink bunny hat. You can get creative with the hat and get a pink beanie and make your own ears to attach.

Ms. Frizzle

Everyone’s favorite elementary school teacher, Ms. Frizzle is a simple costume to put together as long as you are okay with getting crafty. Got a plain dress in your closet? Awesome, take that out and pick whatever fun theme you want that fits with a Magic School Bus adventure. Space, dinosaurs, the jungle, the skeleton, bees, bats, and so much more all work for Ms. Frizzle. And if you have any old Beanie Babies (shoutout 90’s kids) maybe see if you got an Iguana to be your loyal pal, Lizzy.

A Sim

I am pretty sure I cannot get anymore quick and geeky than a Sim. All you really have to make is a Plumbob, the green gem that floats above your Sim’s head. And that’s really it. Put that on, wear any everyday outfit, and there you have it.

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