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Ruya Review


This game was provided for free by the developers for review

Ruya is a calming puzzle game created by Miracle Tea Studios where you complete Candy Crush-esque puzzles in a tranquil land as Ruya gives you the icons to match and you decorate her with flowers. While very simple on the outside, there is more to it than just matching icons. 

Ruya, who is the woman with antlers, has chosen to go into a deep meditative state after her love disappears and she feels unable to care for her family. That is the premise of the game and leads into the rest of the game. In her meditative state, Ruya sees different worlds and each world has different playable stages where you complete the puzzles and provide happiness to her children by creating the required matching set.

Mechanics and gameplay wise, it is your average puzzle game. It’s very simple to start playing, which is ideal when it comes to calming focused games. The most interesting part of this game is the story behind it, and how completing levels can reveal little glimpses of the story here and there. I did not expect a game like this to come with lore, but it’s a nice extra touch that makes Ruya a unique game of it’s kind.

There is also a mobile version of this game which I did give a short trial to. This game is very much suited for the mobile platform but does work well on PC too. If I had to pick which version to play though I might actually pick the PC to continue learning the story, and the mobile version as a casual game to play while waiting to board my plane or something.

All in all, it is a very simple game. It’s not trying to be too far out of what you’d expect of a calming puzzle game. What makes Ruya special is the art and the story attached to it. So if you enjoy puzzle games, and particularly mobile ones, give Ruya a download. Or if you are looking for a relaxing, zen-like game to play, also give this game a download.




Have you tried any calming and relaxation focused games before? Let me know what games in the comments below!

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