Currently… October 2018 Recap

I’m going to be doing monthly recap posts now to talk about what happened last month and what I am looking forward to this month. And I don’t know about you, but October felt like it flew by and November came out of nowhere. So on to the recap!


pepper pack So there are four major highlights from October for me. The first was getting my official Pepper Pack Welcome Kit. if you don’t know, the Pepper Pack is the ambassador and fan club of Dr Pepper. One of the first facts people learn about me is that I love Dr Pepper and it is always my drink of choice. It’s to the point where friends share with me when they drink Dr Pepper or gift me Dr Pepper. And now I have cool swag to rep my love of the best drink ever.


twitch con

Another highlight was that I started my Patreon for this blog! I’ve tossed around various ideas for helping me keep the blog going and making it better, and Patreon felt like the best way to do so and reward the people who help me. So if you’re interested in helping me keep AGGG going, take a look at my Patreon.

The third top highlight was Twitch Con! I’ll keep this brief because I wrote a full recap of that weekend already, but I will reiterate that it was quite fun and a great con to go to if you are interested in creating livestream content.


The last highlight was Halloween! I shared it on my Instagram and Twitter, but in case you don’t follow me there (which you totally should), I spent my night passing out candy with my brother. Sounds chill right? Well, we tend to go all out so we had a whole pirate-themed decor in our yard and we dressed as pirates. It was a lot of fun and an enjoyable way to spend Halloween. Along with Halloween was a month’s worth of spooky posts here on AGGG, which you should check out if you still wish it was Halloween.

What I…


  • Armello (when am I not playing Armello, to be honest)
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • Shellshock Live
  • Cat Quest
  • Tricky Towers
  • Love Letter Beta
  • Unfortunately, no board games have been played in a while. With Thanksgiving coming up, I am hopeful this will change.


  • I mostly read blog posts from the awesome folks that are part of Geek Blogs Unite. And with October being the spookiest month of all there was so much great Halloween content!




  • I’m just going to highlight a few things, of note that have been some of my favorite things. First off are my Frostbeard Studios’ Candles. The pumpkin juice one is my favorite so far, as it smells just like fall baking and I love it.
  • I also backed the Dreams of Tomorrow Kickstarter, which is almost over! It’s a fascinating game that I am excited to see come to life and you should be too.
  • Also on the Kickstarter backing is Into the Dungeon, which is a choose your own adventure type book. I backed the digital version so I will get that very soon and it will be fun to try out.

What’s Up Next Month

pax unplugged.png

So originally November was going to be a chill month with not a lot of excitement happening. And then that changed pretty quick after seeing a tweet, which led to me planning on going to PAX Unplugged! It’s still in the works, but I am planning on going and working with Weird Giraffe Games at their booth helping demonstrate their games. Was a very random but cool opportunity I couldn’t pass up. So expect an update on that and a recap after the con, which will actually be in December.

As for the blog, I have some goals I want to work towards this month. I’d like to get back to writing posts in advance and not the night before (like how this one is being written) to help alleviate some stress. I also want to work on stuff like business cards, growing the following and readers, and brainstorming some holiday posts for next month.

And the thanks go to…

blog-post-ad 2

Huge thanks to my patron Normal Happenings for supporting my blog! He also has a great blog that you should definitely go check out.

You too can get a shout-out in my update posts by becoming a patron! Just $1 gets you this shout out plus a bunch of other perks.

That’s it for this update! What are you excited for in November? Tell me with a comment.


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