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Board Games for Gryffindors


With the second Fantastic Beasts film coming out this weekend, I wanted to do some wizarding world themed posts. And I had one house left in this series, the brave and courageous Gryffindors, so here are board games that Gryffindors will love.

Champions of Midgard

Gryffindors have no issues fighting monsters, trolls, and going on great adventures, especially when protecting the people at large. And that is exactly what you do in Champions of Midgard. You play as a Viking and acquire resources via worker placement to then fight and defeat monsters from attacking the citizens of Midgard.

Epic Spell Wars

In this crazy little game, everyone plays as a wizard as they battle to the death through ridiculous spell crafting. This isn’t your average Hogwarts Dueling Club action and is most definitely not appropriate for the first years to play. Epic Spell Wars is definitely for those who have finished their N.E.W.T.S. at least if you know what I mean (aka not for young kids. It’s a very adult game when it comes to the art and spells). You can read my full review of Epic Spell Wars to get a better idea of the game also.

Welcome to the Dungeon

Are you more of a Gryffindor that likes adventures and exploring and not just fighting and spellcasting? Welcome to the Dungeon is for you, as the players decide what creatures you’ll face in the dungeon, and then the bravest wizard left will have to explore the dungeon to hopefully find glory. It’s definitely a game for the brave, as who knows what you’ll face when entering the dungeon.


If you have even just barely stepped into board gaming, you’ve probably heard of Munchkin. Similar to Welcome to the Dungeon, you’ll explore various rooms, face whatever monsters may be there, and win glorious treasure. But be careful, those who play with you can be your friends and your foes. The game has a lot of humor to it and is great fun that Gryffindors will dive right into.


A little absurdity is always fun, especially when you get to argue who would win a ridiculous fight. Although Gryffindors may not know who Batman is or what an army of Justin Bieber fans is capable of, it is sure to be a laughably ridiculous time. You can read my full review of Superfight if you want more info.

Got any game suggestions for Gryffindors? Share them with a comment below!

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