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Underrated: Queenie Goldstein

If you have seen the Fantastic Beasts film, you will know who Queenie is. For those that don’t, she is the younger sister Tina, who was one of the more significant characters in the film. Upon my first viewing of Fantastic Beasts, I didn’t give much attention to Queenie. She isn’t the strong, female lead I tend to love. However, given more thought and looking toward The Crimes of Grindelwald, I have decided Queenie deserves more love and appreciation.
Queenie does come off very soft in many ways, which is different than many of the most loved witches in the wizarding world. This softness is not a weakness in the least bit though, and she is very unique in her own ways that I appreciate.
For one thing, she is a Legilimens. A Legilimens is someone who is able to extract feelings and memories from another’s mind. This is demonstrated a few times in the first film, where she first interacts with the muggle Jacob and also interacting with Newt later and learning more about Newt’s past. Legilimency is so very unique and special in the series, so that alone makes Queenie very special.
Also, Queenie is someone whose bravery is lead with so much love. She loves her sister and wants to help her, she falls in love with Jacob thus wanting to help him, and through them aids Newt as well. She doesn’t question the risks or the danger, she just knows it’s the right thing to do.
Overall, I’d say Queenie is a very heartwarming character, full of bubbly life and love. She may not be like Hermione of McGonagall, who I both love, but she has her own unique qualities that make her special.

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