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Games To Take To Your Thanksgiving Table 2


For those of us in America, Thanksgiving is literally around the corner. And if you’re not in the mood to bring a side dish to your Thanksgiving gathering, might I suggest to bring a board game instead. And here are a few suggestions for good games to take to the table that many ages and non-gamers can enjoy as well as you.


Tokaido is one of my personal favorite games. It’s calming and relaxed feeling is great when you don’t want a family game that causes fighting. I particularly think this game is good with older family members, like your parents, as it may be a touch too boring for very young kids who don’t have the attention span for it. If you want to know more about Tokaido, read my full review of the game.


Carcassonne is known in the board game world as a classic and well-known game, and for good reason. It’s fairly simple once you get the game going, and as long as you have someone leading the way at the start, it’s a great game for all generations.


I personally feel like this game is underrated. It was a game I got during a sale and honestly was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be. Also, this game would be great if you have a group of children to entertain, as it’s a very straightforward game to play. You can read my full review of Abracada-what? on the blog.


One of the first games I remember playing with my family as a kid is Scattegories, so I have a lot of personal nostalgia with it. I’ve essentially played this game my entire life, so I know it works for all ages. It’s also pretty easy to pick up since you can buy it at Walmart pretty easily. There are only 4 folders, but you can play it with more people easily if necessary as well.

Want even more game suggestions? I did another post like this one last year you should check out.

Got a game you plan on taking to the table this Thanksgiving? Let me know what it is with a comment.

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