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How To Not Break The Bank on Games


I like to think that I get my thrifty skills from my mom, who we call the ultimate shopper because she can always find the deal on literally anything. I channel that energy into video games, and never buy a game full price ever. With the holidays coming, a bunch of sales, and new games coming out all of the time, I have some tips and tricks to share if you want to do the same.

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Before I begin I do want to say that my preference for gaming is on PC so all of my experiences getting games s on PC. I am sure some of these tips if not all can cross-platform though.

Utilize Wishlists

I use the Steam wishlist like a bookmark system to save games I have an interest in so I can easily find them. The upside of this method is that when a game in my wishlist goes on sale, I get an email about it. This is great for both games I really want but want it on sale or games that I am not as excited about but for a great deal, I’ll get it. Steam is the main wishlist I use, but I also have one with Humble Bundle and they’ll send an email when a large sale is happening. So not as good as Steam’s system, but handy also.

Check Other Retailers like Humble Bundle

Speaking of Humble Bundle, it is one of my all-time favorite ways to get games. In fact, it’s my most used way to get AAA games, which I don’t usually get because I am very much an indie game person. What I love about Humble Bundle are the options. I can do Humble Monthly and get a bunch of new games every month. I can use their store and find games for discounted prices. They also have cool collections of games on sale all of the time, so it’s a great way to discover new games as well as get them on sale. Plus! Part of the proceeds from your purchase goes to charity, and you can choose what charity it goes to. I have used Humble Bundle numerous times and have been happy every time.

There are also other sites to get discounted games, but I don’t have as much experience with those so I don’t want to vouch for them without the experience.

Be Patient and Prioritize Your Games

My game wants are on a scale to dictate how badly I want them. Sometimes I really, really want a game so I’ll get it the first time it’s on sale. Other times I can wait until it’s a really good sale, at least 75% off. When it comes to deciding when is a good sale for you, it’s all up to you. You can also check out reviews of the games to see what other’s suggest if you want an outside opinion. I generally aim for a sale where the price is under $20 as a general midpoint on my scale. That’s my personal comfort for game most of the time.

This also means that if you have a game on your top priority that you must absolutely get the second you can, then go for it. What is nice with saving money on games is you can save on the games that aren’t the most top priority, and those savings can help justify or pay for the full price purchases.

Do you have any tips for saving money on games? Share them with a comment!

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