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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Geeks


It’s officially gift shopping time for the holidays coming up and you probably have a geek in your life you’d like to get a good gift for. Well, welcome to the ultimate gift guide for geeks, where there is a gift for all kinds of geeks so you can find something fitting for what your geek loves the most.

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Book Lovers

Literary Home Decor

Give the gift of the comfiest reading spaces with some special items like blankets and pillows. What I love about the ones from Litographs is that the whole book text is printed on the blanket and pillow so you can find their favorite book to get for an even more special gift. Litographs also has posters, t-shirts, and more.

Themed Scented Candles

I have become a new fan of scented candles as they add a nice and relaxing atmosphere to a space, which is perfect for reading. And you can get book-themed candles from places like Frostbeard Studios that are both clever, bookish, and great quality. And there are multiple size options so you can get one big one or a few small ones, depending on your book lover’s likes.

Also, if you use the link in this paragraph to Frostbeard, you’ll get a 10% off coupon!

Monthly Book Subscription

Or you can give the gift that keeps on giving with a book subscription box. Book of the Month does this, where the recipient can choose 1 book out of 5 every month they are subscribed. There are often books that are highly anticipated as options and they offer a wide variety, so it’s great for those who want more control over what books they get. And you can choose how many months they receive the subscription between 3, 6, and 12.

Video Gamers

Humble Choice

Humble Choice is the gift that keeps on giving because every month your gamer will get a bunch of new games. It’s great for those who are always on the hunt for new games and a diverse collection of games. This is also especially good if you don’t necessarily know what games to get your gamer.

Controller Skin

If your gamer is a console fan, or just often uses a controller, you can help add some personality to their gear with controller skins and decals. There are a few different sites for this, so just do a search for decals for their specific controller and you should have plenty of option.

Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set

Or if your gamer is PC only, you can get sets of gaming-specific keyboard and mouse from a variety of places and manufacturers. You don’t have to break the bank on these either but definitely do some searching for what sets are the best for what your gamer likes to play.

Board Gamers

Upgrade Kits

If you have a board gamer in your life that loves very specific games, you can find some great upgrade kits for a variety of games that add something extra to their favorites. These can include special figurines for the pawns, upgraded quality pieces, and upgraded storage. Or if you want to make it extra special and you have the resources, you can use a 3D printer to make custom pieces for their favorite game.

Game Expansions

Maybe your board gamer really loves a game, but only has the base game. If that’s the case, see if that game has any expansions. Expansions can add a lot of fun and freshness to a game and can do very different things depending on what expansions you get.

Chromecast Carrying Case on Amazon (image from Meeple Mountain)

Carrying Case

Does your gamer have a game group they like to go to? Help them take their games to those meetups with a carrying case. They can also be super helpful at conventions if that is also something they enjoy. Transporting gams can be a struggle so a case to carry them around is an excellent gift.

Theatre Lovers

Custom Pop Figure

One of my favorite gifts I have personally gotten was a custom Alexander Hamilton Pop Figure (not the one pictured above though). It was a gift that truly showed that the person who gave it to me knew something I loved, which is Hamilton. You can find many Etsy stores that create custom Pop figures for a variety of different characters, and some that will make whatever character you send them. So if your theatre lover has a particular favorite show or character, a custom pop is a great gift.

Tickets to a Show (Or Gift Certificate to a Theater)

I have taken this suggestion straight off my brother’s Christmas list. If you have a local theatre you can get tickets to a particular show they’ll enjoy. Or if going to a show if more of a trip, you could get a gift certificate so they can choose their own show and then plan a trip from there in the future. Either way, a theatre lover will be so happy to be given the gift of seeing a show. Or if attending a show is just too difficult, consider gifting a subscription to BroadwayHD so they can stream their favorite show.

Image found via Pinterest


More than likely your theatre lover also does theatre and is a little too busy being in the shows to take pictures. Collect some photos of their performances and make a collage or scrapbook of it all. It’s a very heartful gift that can be done in many ways, so don’t think you have to be the world’s most crafty person to make it.


Personalized Hogwarts Letter

The one thing that almost every Harry Potter fan wishes they could have is their Hogwarts letter. And you can gift it to them. There are a few Etsy stores that make lovely kits and gift sets, or you could go through the Warner Bros. store and get it as well. Either way, any Harry Potter fan will be so excited to finally be accepted to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

House Specific Goods

Harry Potter fans are very attached to our houses, so getting stuff that relates to their house is always a good way to go. Whether you get the classic house scarf, a Prefect enamel pin, some house home goods like mugs or artwork, or a full house outfit, your Potterhead will be excited to rep their house. And this is especially so for Hufflpuffs and Ravenclaws, as these houses can be hard to find items for.

A Trip to the Wizarding World

Or if you want to go big, make their dreams come true with a visit to the Wizarding World (aka Universal Studios). If you are closer to the parks this is easier, but if you want to gift a full vacation that you can enjoy too, your Potterhead will love getting to finally see Hogwarts and drink a Butterbeer.

Superhero Fans

Pass to a Comic Convention

For the fans of Marvel and DC, comic conventions were essentially made for them. So if you have a superhero fan in your life, getting a pass to a comic con is a thoughtful gift that also gives them an experience within their favorite things. And since there are tons of local and smaller cons now, don’t think you have to join the insanity that is SDCC pass purchasing.

The first comics of their favorite hero

If your superhero fan has a number one favorite, see if you can get the first few comic books of their series or at least of a new resurgence of their series. This I think is great for those who fell in love with a character from the films and could learn a lot of find new enjoyment with their comics. Or if you already have a big comic fan in your life, check out ComiXology or another service that has comics online, so they can access more and new content.

Marvel Legendary Deck Building Card Game on Amazon

A chance to become a hero themselves

As a board game lover, I have to sneak in an actual board game at some point. But what is great with many superhero-themed board games now is that you feel like you are part of the adventure of saving the city and defeating the villain. You can also find games with specific IP’s, such as Marvel Legendary which has all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains in it.

Anime Fans

Manga of their favorite anime

Does your anime fan have a favorite show but has never explored the manga? Then this is a great gift for them to further explore their favorite series. You can also use ComiXology to get bundles of manga if you want to give them a digital option.

Books about Manga/ Anime

You can also go beyond just manga and anime and find books about the various different sides and culture surrounding manga and anime. While searching for gift ideas, I saw quite a few different books, including cookbooks, books describing the creation of manga and anime, and history of anime. You are bound to find something they’ll love.

Pieces of Japanese Culture

You could also gift your anime lover with a piece of Japanese culture, like this specialty snack box. Or if they are of age, you can find sake-making kits as well. Make them feel like they are in their own anime with a small Japanese cultural experience. I personally love shopping at Sugoi Mart, where all the items come right from Japan and have so many options. 

Fashionable Geeks

Subtly Geeky Apparel

While we as geeks do enjoy flaunting our geekdom to others, it can be nice to have something subtle that can be worn anywhere. Jordandene has a great selection of shirts for anyone, with geeky references we love and can be worn anywhere. 

Accessories that flaunt their favorite fandom

You can also gift some great accessories if you don’t want to go straight for apparel. From bags to jewelry to glasses and so much more, you can easily find something for everyone and every fandom.

Makeup to fangirl over

Or if your geek loves makeup as well, you can find some cool and clever makeup items, from brushes to palettes to lipsticks and more. And there are many companies coming out now that specialize in geeky makeup, like Geek Chic Cosmetics and Espionage Cosmetics.

Disney Fans

Goods of their Favorite

If your Disney fan has a top favorite movie or character, like me with Mulan, gifting them things that have that film or character will be very enjoyable. Whether you do clothing, accessories, art, or figures, you’ll have a lot of options for finding a great gift.

A Trip to the Happiest Place on Earth

Or what any and every Disney fan will love: a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Nothing is filled with more Disney magic than these parks, so planning a trip for your Disney fan will be a magical surprise.

Add Extras To Your Disney Trip

Or if they are already a frequent visitor of the parks, you can spice up their trip with fun upgrades you can get through the parks themselves and also from independent sources. There are quite a few Etsy stores that have created a variety of different scavenger hunts for the parks, from experiences to photo opportunities. It can add some extra fun and freshness to their Disney trips.

Wow that is a long list of ideas! I hope that you find a great gift for the geek in your life.

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