Currently… November 2018

It’s time for another monthly recap! Let’s take a look back at November and my highlights and what I am looking forward to in December.


November was on the calmer side for me overall, which is nice to have sometimes. My biggest highlights were Thanksgiving and PAX Unplugged.

Thanksgiving is a gaming day for my brother and me, as we play board games while dinner is being made. It was so nice because I had not played games in months and I needed a break from my computer. Plus I enjoy the family time. The games we played were Ticket to Ride, 12 Days, Uno, Sushi Go, Clue, and Scattergories.



So PAX Unplugged is technically both in November and December since it was right on the month change. I’m not going to talk too much about it here because the full recap will be going up on Friday. But I will say it was a very interesting experience that I greatly enjoyed.

What I…


  • Megaquarium
  • The board games from Thanksgiving already mentioned
  • Political Animals
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon


Thanks to Black Friday and seasonal sales, I picked up some more stuff than I usually do, including:


  • Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart was my big Black Friday purchase. Once I get it I also plan on getting the new Mario Party and Armello on it as well. If you have a Switch you should suggest games in the comments.
  • Megaquarium and Political Animals were also bought during Steam’s Fall Sale.
  • Lastly, I bought the vintage book versions of Clue and Scattergories for my collection, mainly because I really wanted a nice version of both of those games.
  • PAX purchases, which I’ll talk about in the PAX Recap.

What’s Up Next Month


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I really enjoy the holidays so the majority of my December will be spent baking cookies, relaxing, and enjoying the Christmas season. I’ll also be spending New Year’s in Connecticut with a group of friends so that is top excitement of the month.

And the thanks go to…

blog-post-ad 2

Huge thanks to my patron Normal Happenings for supporting my blog! He also has a great blog that you should definitely go check out.

You too can get a shout-out in my update posts by becoming a patron! Just $1 gets you this shout out plus a bunch of other perks.

What are you looking forward to in December? Let me know with a comment below.

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