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Great Board Games for Stocking Stuffers


Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you may be on the hunt for various gifts and stocking stuffers. While stockings specifically can be a challenge due to the size limit, I’ve got some great game suggestions that will make great stocking stuffers.

Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a quick card game where you choose the best combinations of sushi to win you the most points. With adorable art and a bit of strategy, this game is sure to be a hit on almost everyone’s table. I’ve done a full review of this game that you should definitely check out to learn more.

12 Days

Perfect for the holidays, 12 Days is a festive, betting card game where you try to win the most days of Christmas that you can with a set collecting option as well to earn more points. Clearly a perfect games for the holidays that you can get to playing quickly. I’ve also done a review of this game that you can read to learn more.

Love Letter

Love Letter is one of my personal favorites to play for a quick game. In this deduction game, you are trying to get your love letters to the princess without getting caught by your opponents. Not only is it a great stocking stuffer, it’s also a great game to travel with as it can easily fit into a purse or bag. And, you guessed it, I have a review of this game too.


If you’re looking for a co-op game to put in a stocking, Hanabi is a good choice. You and your teammates play as designers of a firework show trying to design the most exciting show possible, but you don’t know which fireworks you have and they need to be in the perfect order to be the best. And, surprise surprise, I did a review on this game too!

Council of Verona

In Council of Verona, players try to swing the council in their favor with the Capulet and Montague families from Romeo and Juliet. It takes some strategy and clever hand management to make a plan to win over the council to your side. Another quick to play game, you can read my full review of it to learn more.

Unstable Unicorns

If the person you are gifting to is more of a party game fan, they will enjoy Unstable Unicorns. In this game, you try to fill your stable with unicorns that have different powers to help you win or help your opponent lose. There are also upgrades you can play to your stable and downgrades to your opponents. For a game that sounds simple, it’s actually more chaotic than expected and can be a really fun time. And as you can probably guess by now, you can read my full review of the game to learn more.

What board games would you use for stocking stuffers? Let me know with a comment below!

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3 replies on “Great Board Games for Stocking Stuffers”

Nice list. Love Letter is a great recommendation. It’s simplistic enough for new people to pick up but there is complexity and mind games you can use as the cards start dwindling down. I should get Hanabi. I keep seeing it recommended on 2 player lists. I’ll check your review out.

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