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Favorite Holiday Specials From Childhood


Tis the season of warm and fuzzy feelings and some nostalgia. And there is something about holiday specials that really make me nostalgic, especially when remembering my favorites from childhood. And I wanted to reminisce and share some of my favorite holiday specials from childhood with you.

Arnold’s Christmas from Hey Arnold

Arnold’s Christmas is very different from other holiday specials. While it does bring up the material side of Christmas and how giving to other’s is better than receiving, it also has a focus of Mr. Hyunh, who is one of the boarders in Arnold’s home, and the sacrifices he has made in his life to be where he is. Without spoiling it, it’s a heartbreaking and, in the end, incredibly heartwarming episode.

The Santa Experience from Rugrats

My brother says that The Santa Experience is the best holiday episode of a show from our childhood, and I do agree. It also talks about materialism and the holidays, as well as the question of is Santa real. And overall how important family is, both blood family and the family you make. Overall it is a fun and lovely holiday episode.

Christmas Everyday from The Fairly Oddparents

I feel like The Fairly Oddparents was fallen under the radar now, and we forget just how good and funny the early seasons were. Their Christmas episode falls into the better seasons and brings a wish many kids have into perspective: wanting Christmas to be every day. Obviously, this isn’t as good as we think it would be, so Timmy and his fairy godparents have to fix it.

Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave from Recess

Recess is another show that has become very underrated but is still a great kids show. In it’s Christmas special, we focus on Mikey and his continuing belief in Santa despite his friends growing too old to believe anymore. It’s a heartwarming look into Santa and growing up, and is a great episode for those in-between years for children.

A Rugrats Chanukah from Rugrats

Rugrats wins two spots on my list because I had to include the Chanukah episode. While I am not Jewish, I really enjoy this episode and how it looks at a different holiday and beliefs that happen during this time of year. It has always been one of my favorite episodes of the series, so it had to be included here.

What were your favorite holiday specials from childhood? Let me know with a comment below.

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