Currently… December 2018

This is a little early for a currently post, but with the month basically over and the start of the new year is what’s next, I figured it was a good time to recap this month. So let’s take a look back at December!


For my brain, December really started on the 6th. Because PAX Unplugged took place over the first few days it felt like it happened in November. Plus December 6th is a holiday, St. Nicholas Day, so it’s the kick off of the Christmas season for myself and my family.

hp christmas card.jpg

We had a holiday card swap in Geek Blogs Unite and it was nice to get holiday cards in the mail to brighten my day!

Thanks to Jessi at Board and Crafts, Jacie at Come To The Nerd Side, ChinLin at Geek GalsBrittany at Rogue Ginger Adventures, and Victor at The Modern Gafa for the cards!

And, of course, there was Christmas. It was a very relaxing day with my parents and brother. Our family tradition is playing board games so we did that and had a nice dinner and enjoyed the day together. I also got some nice, geeky gifts like a color changing Ravenclaw mug, a Mulan ornament handmade by my brother, and a Ravenclaw fleece duvet cover. And some other nice non-geeky gifts like a weighted blanket, clothes, and a scratch-off map of the USA to track all the states I have been to.

What I…



  • 12 Days of Gaming, which I made a separate round-up post about.
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch
  • Armello on Switch and PC
  • Carcassonne on Switch
  • Uno on Switch
  • A Bunch of Switch Demos to try out new games, highlights being Swim and Uno.
  • Ticket to Ride, Go Nuts for Donuts, and Ticket to Ride: Europe on Christmas


  • I bought quite a few games since I have the Switch now I wanted to get games on that. Some of the games include Wandersong, The Sexy Brutale, and Armello on Switch.
  • So Steam Winter Sale happened. I had some credit in my Steam Wallet and I ended up buying the Eerie Indie Bundle, which included 6 games including Cultist Simulator, Oxenfree, and Speed Dating for Ghosts.

What’s Up Next Month


Wait! Before I get to next month, the end of this month I am traveling for a New Year’s trip to visit friends in Connecticut. In fact when this post goes up is the day I leave, so that’s a big highlight for me that partially happens in January.

Now for actually in January, I am excited to stay home if possible. I’ve done a lot of travel in 2018, and I want to put my roots in the soil for a bit. This also means time to blog, time to play games, and do school work without the added stress of traveling.

And The Thanks Go To…

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What have you enjoyed about this month? Let me know with a comment below.

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