Currently… February 2019

It is the start of a new month, so it is time to do another personal update!


February was a quiet month overall and had its rough spots. I’m looking forward to it being over and moving on to a fresh month.

I will say I have been working on some new project ideas and figuring out what is possible and getting started. None of these ideas are in a state of being public knowledge yet, but I’m hopeful that in March they can be fleshed out and started.

What I…





Goals Check-In

In January, I wrote a post about my geeky and blogging goals for the year. This section does a recap on the blogging goals specifically.

Social Media

So most of this goal actually went into the Geek Blogs Unite socials. I wanted to revive those so I spent a whole day doing that. I will be working on a personal social plan to add more personality into the AGGG socials so they aren’t just a place to promote things.

I did change up the AGGG Instagram by switching over to using to add links to individual posts. This change has made posting new posts much more efficient for me and I am super excited about that.

Consistent Posting

Good! I’ve been consistent with writing new posts in advance and having fresh ideas, so this goal is working out well.


I did go in and make some changes to my Patreon, such as removing the $5 tier altogether. I also had a poll asking for thoughts on content and rewards, so we’ll see how it grows from there.


Yikes, I have not been doing this at all! I think I will plan a day where I go through all the images and add the alt text and descriptions to add better accessibility on that front.

What’s Up Next Month


While the past two months have been travel free, in March I will be traveling yet again! This time I’ll be spending a week in Memphis to visit my boyfriend. So while I probably won’t be having a specifically geeky adventure, it will still be an enjoyable time.

And The Thanks Go To…

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