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First Look: Disney Heroes Battle Mode


Disney has many different mobile games with all different types of gameplay, so when I saw Disney Heroes Battle Mode getting advertised to me I figured I’d give it a shot. The game is full of Disney characters both new and old and the battle mechanic feels a little different for Disney. So here is my first look at Disney Heroes Battle Mode.

This is not my first Disney mobile game I have tried, as I played and did a first look at the Magic Kingdoms game in the past. And my expectation for Disney games is that they are designed to be easy for children to play, thus not the most complex or captivating games ever. And that’s necessarily a bad thing as I am not Disney’s target market for the most part. So when I decided to give Disney Heroes Battle Mode, I was hopeful it was a little more hands-on and strategic based on what I saw from ads as it is a battle game versus a park management game.


There is a story to this game, as you start out with Ralph and Vanellope entering what looks to be a new video game. This video game becomes more than they bargained for when other Disney characters are fighting…themselves?! ok but seriously, they are fighting what looks like evil clones of themselves. You play as a team of Disney characters to battle the evil creatures and clones trying to figure out why the clones exist and what happened to other characters.

While the story is mildly compelling, the gameplay is not as much. Essentially the game plays itself, as you don’t really control your characters at all. The characters have special moves you can trigger but battles happen without your interaction. That’s definitely a bummer because really you’re not doing anything. For a kid who doesn’t have much gaming experience this may be nice but even then it’s not the most interesting.

You can customize characters a little bit with the ability to level them up and certain special attacks. The little bit of customization gives some strategy, but it doesn’t feel like it truly affects anything since you don’t control battles at all.

I basically made it far enough in the game to write this piece and don’t plan on playing it further. The story is not super compelling for me and the passiveness of the game itself is not what I want for a game, even on mobile. This game is much better suited for young kids, but I’m talking very young.

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