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My dive into Disney recently has made me want to make a bucket list of all the magical Disney things I want to do, so that is this is! It’s been fun to explore all of the amazing experience Disney has, and here are the ones I would love to experience.


Ride Every Haunted Mansion

So maybe I am a foolish mortal with this one because it involves a lot of travel and visiting many different parks, but with every mansion being slightly different, or very different if it’s Mystic Manor or Phantom Manor, it feels like the justice I need to give my favorite attraction. And I can already check of the original Haunted Mansion off my list, so only 4 more to go!


Ride in the Lilly Belle Car

The Lilly Belle Car is a special, private car on the Disneyland Railroad named after Walt’s wife. It is very difficult to get to ride in this car, and it involves a lot of careful planning and being up bright and early. It also doesn’t run all of the time thus making it even rarer. But it is such a special piece of Disney history I have to add it to the list.


Go on a Disney Cruise

Ok, now we’re onto something more doable. While I have done a cruise before, albeit a long time ago, there is something special about a Disney Cruise. It has that magic that other cruises don’t, and if I’m going to go on a cruise I’d love to take it with Disney.

Go to Walt Disney World

I’m pretty sure this was on my original geeky bucket list. And if not, shame on me. While I have had my fair share of trips to Disneyland, I have never been to Walt Disney World. And I’d love to be able to visit the different parks like Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Tour Walt Disney Studios

Back to something a little more difficult. I am a nerd for the story and history of Disney, so going to Walt Disney Studios is a backstage pass to where the magic happens. And the tours visit Walt’s office, which is incredibly special. However, tours are only possible either by getting an Adventures by Disney package that includes it or being a D23 Gold member.

Go to Disney during Chinese New Year

If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know that Mulan is my all-time favorite Disney film. And she is, along with every other character from the film, very rare in the parks, especially in the California parks. But when Disneyland Resort celebrates Chinese New Year, they are out in full force. Plus I’d love to see the celebration as a whole unfold in the parks.

Dapper Day

This one is for sure on my original geeky bucket list, but it’s worth bringing up again since it still has yet to be done. Dapper Day is a special day that happens twice a year in the various parks where park goers dress to the nines and enjoy the park. There is also an expo that is held along with it. Fabulous fashion at the happiest place on Earth sounds like a jolly good time to me.

And that is my Disney Bucket List. What magical experience would you want to do? Let me know in the comments below.

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[…] Disneyland Railroad is not just an easy way to get from one side of the park to the other, but also an experience in itself. You can get special views of other attractions like Splash Mountain and it’s a small world. There are also unique dioramas that you can only see by riding the railroad. It is also nice to ride the railroad when the crowds are high and you want to get off your feet for a bit. And the railroad has special opportunities, like being able to ride in the exclusive Lilly Belle car. […]

Hi, I actually go to Disney World quite a bit. (It’s like a staple in my family) But I think you may like to know that they have canceled the Backlot Tours here in Florida. They don’t show anything like that anymore and I believe the only one that is still open is called Beyond the Seeds… it’s part of Living with the Land in Epcot. Also If you do plan on coming to Walt Disney World here in Fla… May I suggest a Magical Vacation Planner _ ( I personally use Leah Thibault) They know all the secrets 🙂

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