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Video Games To Help You Destress


I know a lot of gamers, including myself, that use video games to destress from the stresses of real life. And I find certain games are really good for relaxing with and are great for gamers and non-gamers alike.

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A big clarification moment for my own comfort. While I am pro-gaming for stress relief, don’t let yourself succumb to playing games to the point of taking over your actual life. I’ve had those moments sometimes, but don’t stay there forever. Ok, on to the list!

The Sims 4 

Many people say that The Sims 4 is their go-to destress game, and I’m no exception. I’ve had my fair share of days spent lost in the haze of building houses and controlling the life of my sims. And with so many DLC’s out there, the amount of content will keep you playing through your stressful times.

Buy Megaquarium

Megaquarium (and other tycoon games)

I am a big fan of tycoon games for stress relief. A recent go-to is Megaquarium, where you build and manage your own aquarium. It’s beautiful, has a relaxing atmosphere and music, and has a sandbox option if you’re relaxing style is just building and not the challenges.

Buy Wandersong


While platformers are not always the most relaxing, Wandersong‘s story, aesthetic, and atmosphere is very relaxing. It is an enjoyable game that will distract you from the stress of your life while staying engaging through the platforming and story.

Buy Armello


I’m a little biased since Armello is my most played and favorite game, but I find Armello a stress relief for me specifically when I play alone. It causes me to focus on the game and trying to win for an hour instead of the anxieties of life. And this works for many other strategy-centric games like XCOM 2 and Civilization games.

Singleplayer Games

While this isn’t a specific game, I included it because I often go specifically to singleplayer games when stressed out or struggling. I have found I get easily irritated when playing with others, and that is even worse when I’m already stressed out. I can get more easily lost in the experience when playing alone, and I find that more relaxing.

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Jackbox Party Packs

However, the one time I can do a multiplayer game to destress it is with Jackbox games. They are meant to be ridiculous and funny, and a good laugh is a great destresser. If you prefer playing games with other people and find being with friends helps your stress, I do recommend Jackbox.

What video games do you play to help you destress? Share them in the comments!

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