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If you’re a blogger yourself or have been a reader of blogs for a while, you’ve seen the various awards that get shared between bloggers. And while I love that those exist and bring bloggers together, I’ve noticed that there is not one specifically for us geeky blogs. So that changes today as I am introducing the Achievement Unlocked Award!

I have found my geeky blog my favorite place many times and definitely my favorite blog I have had. And I remember when I started there wasn’t a lot of places to be a geek-focused blog without some side eyes from bloggers of other niches. So that led me to start Geek Blogs Unite. And that story is similar to why I wanted to make this award: to give recognition to our niche in a special way.

The Achievement Unlocked Award is for anyone who would fit into geeky blogging that goes above and beyond in our niche. Whether you are all about video games, DIY across all fandoms, sharing your cosplay journey, or anywhere in between, it all fits and is worth celebrating.

The rules are simple: if you are nominated, you’ll answer the five below standard questions for every award and the five custom questions by the nominator. You’ll then change their custom five to five of your own questions and nominate other bloggers you think deserve this award. Make sure to thank whoever nominated you and include the award description as well!

Alright here are the standard questions:

  • Why did you start your blog?
  • What are your favorite topics to write about?
  • What have you learned since you started your blog?
  • What do you love about being a geeky blog?
  • Where would you like to see your blog go in the future?

And now for my five custom questions for my nominees!

  • If you could be a part of one of your favorite fictional worlds, what world would it be?
  • If you could interview any fictional character, who would it be?
  • What fictional character do you think would make a good geeky blogger?
  • What other hobbies do you have besides blogging?
  • What is your favorite geeky thing as of right now?

Last but definitely not least, here are my nominees!

Normal Happenings – because his collaborations are fantastic and his Daily Inkling about Custom Blog Award helped make this award a reality.

A Geeky Gal – because of reaching exciting milestones for her blog and YouTube channel and her persistence in completing challenges that definitely take a lot of hard work.

Later Levels – because her charity work is worth the extra praise, as well as the exceptional posts, including the Question of the Month series.

These three bloggers go above and beyond so they absolutely deserve the recognition in my eyes.

If you know of a blogger or a few that deserve this award, pass it on! Our niche is full of wonderful people making great content and we should celebrate it more.

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[…] The Achievement Unlocked award is a blog award that specifically targets geek niches. Unlike many blog awards, such as the ‘Sunshine Blogger’, ‘One Lovely Blogger’ and more, this one is specifically targetting our core demographic. As such, we got nominated by Kim, so a huge thanks for that again. During these awards, there are five standard questions to be answered by the nominee, along with five custom questions, set out by the nominators. […]

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