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First Look: Let’s Play


Let’s Play is a webcomic created by Mongie which follows Sam, an aspiring professional game designer who’s first game gets played by Marshall Law, a let’s player akin to those on YouTube. With season one recently ending and season two on the way, I decided to share a first look at this series and share my thoughts with you all.

The comic starts with Marshall Law playing Sam’s game, Ruminate, and playing it wrong. Because he wasn’t playing it right, he ended up giving it a negative review and his fans swarmed her creator page and reviewed it poorly, thus ruining her designer score. And to make matters worse, Marshall becomes Sam’s new neighbor.

The overall story follows Sam and her personal struggles, including trying to cope and fix her designer rating for her game. We also learn more about her in general, including her work and family issues, romantic awkwardness, and her inner demons. We also learn more about Marshall, his life as a content creator, and his own personal demons as well.

Besides Sam and Marshall, we meet a full cast of characters, from Sam’s friends to Marshall’s secret girlfriend to Sam’s coworkers. We watch as all of these stories intertwine, with Sam in the middle of it. As the first season progresses, we start to learn more and more about all of the characters and their own issues, which helps diversify and expand this story overall.

I appreciate how in depth this comic gets with the storylines and its ability to show the complexity of these characters so well. We see them happy, depressed, embarrassed, scared, infatuated, and so much more. I have become very invested in every character because they are so complex as individuals. This is not what I expected to get from this comic, but it has pulled me in and I am loving it a lot.

I think the creators said it best “Come for the plot, stay for the doggo.” And yeah, Bowser is pretty cute.

You can read the first season of Let’s Play on Webtoon.

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