Currently… Spring 2019

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I have written a Currently post. I decided to change up how it is done and do it quarterly instead of monthly. So let’s talk about my spring, shall we?




So March has it’s own Currently post that covered what happened during that month, so I’m not going to really reiterate in detail. The biggest highlight was visiting Memphis.


April is pretty busy for me with the school semester ending. Two fun things did happen in April though that were highlights. The first being traveling to photograph a play called Eat Cake. It was at an opera house in Death Valley, which sounds super random and is. But it’s a beautiful place and photographing these shows is a fun time.

The second fun thing was Independent Bookstore Day! My brother and I went to our local bookstore and spent the afternoon there enjoying the festivities. There were cupcakes, prizes for contests, a huge sale on used books, and fun activities. It was a good day for sure.


Majority of May is not very exciting outside of the blog and school slightly. I began my final semester of my master’s degree. Guide to Blogging launched which has been exciting and mildly stressful. May is also Mental Health Month, which I also wrote about. The day this post goes up is probably the most exciting part of the month, but I’ll be saving those events for the summer update instead.

I did get to play a bunch of new games in May which was nice. Most of these games have been or will be written about in some way. Keep an eye out for those posts.

Coming Soon

Summer is mostly going to be finishing my master’s degree since I am in my capstone which is the equivalent of a thesis in a sense. By the next update, I should be finished with it which will be a great highlight!

My birthday is also next month which will be the first birthday in a few years I get to spend with family.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know with a comment below. 

May is Mental Health Month, and mental health is an incredibly important thing to me as someone who lives with mental illnesses. So for every post this month I’ll be including this message as a reminder that there should be no stigma for mental illness and that everyone has mental health. Read my full Mental Health Month post for resources and more information.

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