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Favorite Unconventional Fandoms


I saw this post from Mickey at Nerdily and decided I wanted to give it a go since I do have the less popular fandoms I love. Some fandoms have more of the spotlight than others, so why not share to smaller and unexpected ones you love?

Let’s be clear: all fandoms are awesome and not one fandom is better than another. But we all know that some are much more popular and spotlighted than others. Also, it is very subjective whether a fandom is popular or obscure, and that is a debate on its own. I am basing this off of some Google searching, what is often discussed in the geeky blogosphere, and social media references on whether a fandom is popular or unconventional.

Board Games

Tabletop gaming has a very active community, but is still pretty niche and not as popular as other fandoms. While boards games are popular on a wide scale via classics like Uno and Clue, but when it comes to the active fandom and enthusiasts, it is a smaller community. I have loved and enjoyed board games all of my life, so it was natural for me to end up in this community one way or another. And there are some really awesome people in this community too.

Drum Corps

Drum corps is essentially a professional competitive marching band. It’s the top tier, so like how a person can be a fan of football, I’m a fan of drum corps. I marched in the activity and worked in, so I am very close to it. I have a complicated relationship with this activity, but in the end, I am still a part of it.

Top Chef

I’ve been watching Top Chef, a cooking competition show for professional chefs, since the beginning and I’m a huge fan. This is the one show I actively watch live seasons of and rewatch often. This is one of the shows that my brother and I bond over. We’ve talked about how we need to make a podcast about it because we have so much to say about the show.


My all-time favorite show is Daria, and I rarely find other people who have watched it. I was a child when this show first aired, and it is one of the reasons I am as sarcastic as I am. This is my comfort show, like how The Office or Friends is to others.

What are your unconventional fandoms? Let me now with a comment below!

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4 replies on “Favorite Unconventional Fandoms”

Daria for life! I didn’t know drum corps was a specific thing in a US marching band (I’m English), I’d have loved to do that as a teen. Two of mine have to be My So Called Life and Freaks and Geeks. I’m really glad they didn’t make too many series of them as they became cult classics. The band Smashing Pumpkins is another thing that no one seems to mention anymore for some reason!?

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