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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 17


We all know that there are some amazing video game soundtracks out there. So for today’s 30 Day Geek Out Challenge, I am sharing my personal favorite soundtrack!

Just as a reminder, the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge is all about what makes you geeky, from fandoms to hobbies, favorite characters and more. I’m going to do this challenge along with my regular schedule of posts, so there will be tons of content from me this month! Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal for creating this!

Today’s question is: Favorite video game soundtrack?

The Gris soundtrack is hands down my absolute favorite video game soundtrack I’ve ever heard. I can’t say enough good things about it honestly.

Overall, it is ethereally beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, every other adjective that means amazing in some way. And the music is such a vital part of the game. Not only does it set the tone for different areas and levels, but it also helps anticipate actions.

Also, the music is the only sound in the game. There is no dialog or sound effects really. It is all the music. And honestly, the music is so amazing that I don’t want any other audio to interrupt that.

I have done a full game review for Gris if you’d like to read that and know my full thoughts on this wonderful game. I further share my adoration of the music there too.

Make sure you go an check out A Geeky Gal’s post for this question too!

What video game soundtrack do you adore? Let me know with a comment.

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