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Video Games for Slytherins


We’re back with another Hogwarts house video game suggestions. This time we are focusing on the cunning, ambitious, and self-preserving Slytherins. So let’s jump right in.

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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is great for the cunning side of Slytherin. In the game, it is a 4v1 where 4 survivors attempt to escape a map by fixing generators to power exit gates while a killer hunts them down. While Slytherins will be drawn to playing the killer, being a survivor also takes quite a bit of cunning as well.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Slytherins are accomplishment oriented and this is where the ambition kicks in as well. Rainbow Six: Siege works well for this because there is always an objective with either attacking or defending. There are also other things to strive for, like match MVP and other personal goals.

Until Dawn

Slytherins take their time with making decisions in order to make the optimum self-preserving move. Until Dawn is a game of choices, where you are trying to make the best choices to preserve the lives of the teens. It is also an opportunity to see what happens when you control others, which is not beyond a Slytherin’s characteristics. The horror genre is a bonus as well.


Beholder is great for the Slytherin’s who wanted to be on the Inquisitorial Squad, because you eavesdrop, spy, and profile the tenants of your boarding house and report them to the government. But you can choose not to, and subvert the government yourself. It is a blend of cunning and self-preservation all in one game.

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What games do you think Slytherins would love? Share them in the comments!

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12 replies on “Video Games for Slytherins”

As a Slytherin I am happy to see Until Dawn on the list. I really enjoyed that game, albeit it had a few scary moments (but when you’re playing in the middle of the night everything seems scary!). I always wanted to go back and play again and see how choosing different answers would have played out. I tried to do the VR sequel but it was waaaaaaaay to scary to be “inside the game”.

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