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30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Day 25


It’s the final countdown for the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge! Sharing some of my most recent favorite YouTube channels today.

Just as a reminder, the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge is all about what makes you geeky, from fandoms to hobbies, favorite characters and more. I’m going to do this challenge along with my regular schedule of posts, so there will be tons of content from me this month! Thanks to Megan at A Geeky Gal for creating this!

Today’s question is: Favorite Geeky YouTuber?

So I watch a ton of YouTube and I have my phases of content preferences. Sometimes I’ll watch a ton more gaming than anything else, sometimes I’ll have a big theme park phase and watch little gaming. So picking just one favorite geeky YouTuber is almost impossible. So here is a shortlist of a couple of my more recent favorite channels.


Samination is an animator who makes a lot of parody videos, particularly for the game Dead by Daylight. I really enjoy DbD so I definitely find the parodies hilarious. He has other animations as well if DbD isn’t your thing, but if you have ever played DbD you should watch these videos.

A Clockwork Reader

I found A Clockwork Reader during my big booktube phase recently. She has some fun videos and you can tell she really loves talking about books. She is also very chill, so I find watching her videos relaxing.


Since I am a giant theme park nerd, Defunctland is perfect for me. Defunctland talks about theme park history and things that no longer exist and the history behind them. It is honestly fascinating to learn why attractions came to be and subsequently were no more. He also recently did a whole series about the history of the Muppets which has been interesting.

Let’s Play

Let’s Play is your straightforward gaming channel. It is a channel by the people at Achievement Hunter and they play a ton of different games, from GTA to Deceit to Ultimate Chicken Horse to Super Mario Maker 2. They all create an entertaining dynamic between them while playing games which keeps the videos interesting even if the game isn’t a favorite of mine.

Make sure you go an check out A Geeky Gal’s post for this question too! She also has a YouTube channel you should check out.

What is the most recent YouTube channel you’ve found? Share it with a comment.

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