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Video Games for Hufflepuffs


The third house I’m covering for video games recommendations are the loyal Hufflepuffs!

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Cooperative games are great for Hufflepuffs because it is about working together to achieve a common goal. You definitely grow loyalty with who you’re playing with via cooperative games. And Overcooked, as well as its sequel, is one of the best cooperative video games out there. And for the next to the kitchen dwellers, the food theme doesn’t hurt either.

Arcade Spirits

Story-based games like visual novels are great for Hufflepuffs as well because they take patience to complete and the development of the story is appreciated. One of my favorite visual novels is Arcade Spirits. Being able to choose a non-romantic path as well as a romantic one gives options for the varying wants of the Hufflepuffs.

JackBox Party Packs

I always imagine Hufflepuffs being the house that hangs out together and enjoys each others company. So party games, like the series of JackBox Party Packs, are great for those instances. They are more about having a fun time with the people around you than they really are about being competitive.

The Sims 4

Honestly, you can argue that every house could play the subs for one reason or another. I put it with Hufflepuffs though because of its relaxing quality. And I imagine Hufflepuffs becoming amazing builders in The Sims because it takes patience to do all of that.

Those are my Hufflepuff game recommendations! Make sure you also check out Hannie’s choices for Hufflepuffs in her video game recommendations post.

What games do you think Hufflepuffs will love? Share them in the comments!

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