Currently… Summer 2019

With summer coming to a close, it is time for an update from me! I’ll be recapping June through August, and oh how the summer has been eventful.




June had a few highlights, from a wedding, going to Silver Dollar City, and a trip to Las Vegas. I also started watching Attack on Titan in June and fell in love with that.

My biggest highlight has to be my birthday though. I celebrated my 25th birthday in June and it was a wonderful day of family and food.

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July was overall a nightmare from the start, with earthquakes just shaking (pun kind of intended) my whole life up. The only highlights of July were traveling to Mississippi for an interview and getting to explore the area and their quaint bookstores and celebrating the 4th birthday of A Geek Girl’s Guide.

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My biggest highlight of August has to be graduating with my master’s degree! I officially have a masters! It is a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Web Design and Online Communication. I wrote a post about the geeky things I did for projects during my masters that you can check out.


Also, I won an award! I’ve briefly mentioned my work with Master Mystery Productions before, mostly for photography. But for the most recent show, I helped with the writing and development of it so I was given the Partners in Crime award for writing! It was a huge surprise for me.


Also, I went to go see Miss Saigon at the Hollywood Pantages! I wrote all about my trip and thoughts on the experience and the show in a blog post.

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Coming Soon

Join the Guide Tribe


The first bit is coming today actually! I have made a ton of upgrades to my Patreon. The first is adding a new tier called the Guide Tribe. The Guide Tribe has even more great rewards including quarterly sticker packs designed by yours truly, holiday and special event cards that are personalized, and exclusive video content including gameplay and tutorials! All of this at only $5 a month! And you get all the $1 perks too! It is honestly quite the steal.

Get This Offer

The second upgrade to the Patreon is I am running a special offer right now for those who join the Guide Tribe in the first month. By subscribing to that tier between now and September 30th, you will also get a handwritten thank you card from me and an exclusive button designed by me! Once this offer is gone, so are those rewards. So whether you are a brand new patron or you are upgrading to the new tier, you will get these special bonuses! So what are you waiting for?

As for beyond September, I don’t have a ton of plans yet. So we will see where October and November take me.

What are you looking forward to as we get into fall? Let me know in a comment below.

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