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Video Games for Gryffindors


We’ve reached the final Hogwarts house of this series, the courageous Gryffindors. What games should the brave play? Read on to find out.

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Blizzard’s team-based shooter is definitely widely popular, and perfect for Gryffindors. It takes some courage to blindly throw yourself into a battle over a payload and to keep returning after numerous deaths.  Gryffindors will also be keen to get the Play of the Game, so they can show off just how brave they are.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty is similar to Overwatch in some of the ways it is great for Gryffindors. Blindly jumping into the action to show your bravery is a good fit. Call of Duty also offers some more variety in game types, such as zombies, so it will keep gamers attention longer.

Tomb Raider

Gryffindors love a good adventure, and the Tomb Raider games are full of that. You can bet that Lara Croft is a Gryffindor because she is so brave and daring. I find the reboot represents this best because it shows her at her weak moments, but she overcomes those to do the right thing.


Some Gryffindors are not the run-in-blind type, so they need games too. And I think XCOM 2 is perfect for this because it is so strategic. Aliens have taken over the earth, and you are working with the forces trying to reclaim control and save humanity.  It takes nerve to fit a power when you are the underdog, and with this game, you have to plan and explore all of your options carefully.

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What games do you think Gryffindors will love? Share them with a comment below.

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