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I saw that Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut did a YouTuber Appreciation post and thought that would be a cool idea to do myself since I watch so much YouTube. So I am sharing ten of my favorite channels from all sorts of genres.

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya was a former Buzzfeed producer who broke off to do her own channel and has since exploded. She is probably most well-known for her strange fashion series where she tries some of the strangest or “ugliest” items of clothing according to the internet. Teva Uggs and clear plastic jeans are two of the many examples of this. I really enjoy the creativity of her video ideas as well as how she does them.

The Tim Tracker

The Tim Tracker is a travel channel that does a lot of stuff on theme parks. Tim and his wife Jenn cover all sorts of places, mainly in Florida but have also gone to places like Dollywood and Silver Dollar City. I am a theme park nerd, and when I get into a deep Disney park hole, I watch his videos.

Jesse Cox

Jesse is my number one source of indie video games. Older videos in his Fan Friday series have shown me so many games I now love, like Armello and Gris. He is also a ridiculous dude who is very fun to watch. And his Scary Game Squad series with his friends is hilarious and my favorite way to watch horror game content.


If you don’t know the Vlogbrothers, do you even YouTube? The Vlogbrothers consists of Hank and John Green. They are also the co-creators of VidCon, Crash Course, Scishow, and so many other things you can find on the internet. Their videos on Vlogbrothers are quick and enjoyable videos every Tuesday and Friday, sometimes silly, sometimes educational, and really everything in between too. I always feel like I’ve learned something after watching one of their videos, even the goofy ones.


I am new to the booktuber realm, but I have started to get more into it. And one of my favorite channels is emmmabooks. She covers YA, which is most of what I read, but what I really love that she does is talk about mental health in books and diversity. She also gets some fun video ideas from outside booktube, which is a fun twist and unique.


Ladylike is a Buzzfeed channel that is a cast of ladies doing all sorts of things. From beauty roulette challenges to learning how to invest, they cover a wide range of stuff. Safiya was formerly a part of the group until she left, which is where I found her. And I still enjoy the work Ladylike does because they do cover serious things amongst the silly.


Lex is a body painter that does some seriously amazing stuff. She has done everything from horror to fantasy to SciFi and everything in between. She’s done some of our favorite fictional characters and made up her own. She has even taken the artwork of her community and reinterpret them into body paint. She is seriously talented, and I find her artform mindblowing.

Offhand Disney

This channel is all about Disney. Some of my favorite videos are history and theory videos. He did a whole series about the Haunted Mansion that was great. It is a fun Disney channel that covers topics for the super Disney nerds, especially of the theme parks.


Stumpt is a video game channel of four friends playing various games. They play a ton of indie games, which I love cause then I get to learn about new indie games. They do mostly multiplayer games and also have a Twitch channel where they do extra content both as individuals and all together. It is a very chill and enjoyable gaming channel which I enjoy.


I really couldn’t make this list without mentioning Ohmwrecker. Ohm is a gaming YouTuber that covers a variety of games. He is one of the first gaming channels I ever watched and was also the gamer that got me to start watching Twitch. He is a fun guy to watch that doesn’t get salty and some really ridiculous and goofy moments. I’m actually watching his videos as I write this since he does a lot of Dead by Daylight content, and I really enjoy DbD.

What are your favorite YouTube channels? Share them in the comments!

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