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First Look: Phase


I’ve been reading more Webtoons since the last time I wrote about them, and I figured I’d highlight some of the more interesting ones I have found. And for this post, I am going to focus on Phase.

This first look is for the original version of the Webtoon prior to the July 2020 re-release. 

Phase, by the Jouki, follows Min, a seemingly average but incredibly feisty girl who is down on her luck, mostly financially. However, she learns that she is the potential beneficiary to $50 million after the passing of a man, named Hewett, that was merely an acquaintance. But there is a catch. She has to agree to spend one year living with Shuu, a wealthy business owner who is not very trusting of others but was close to Hewett. Neither of them really want this arrangement, but Min accepts anyway.

Min and Shuu both carry personal baggage from their pasts. And they initially hate each other, until an encounter with a thief changes that. If this situation wasn’t strange enough, Min isn’t exactly normal. She is incredibly fast, agile, and can defend herself without a second thought. But beyond that, she also phases.

This is truly just the beginning of this story. There is a lot about both Min and Shuu that has yet to be revealed. How did Min get these powers? What exactly happened to her family? Where does Shuu’s distrust come from? There are also other characters we meet that are clearly important, but we don’t fully know why. There’s Yun, a very close friend to Min but all they have left is texting. And then there is Hyeon-Ju, the man who runs Shuu’s company but has something more planned for them.

I can tell that there is going to be a lot of interesting pieces to this story and that we are just getting started honestly. This is a webtoon I plan on keeping up with.

Have you read any Webtoons? Share your favorites with a comment!

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