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Funko Wishlist: Real People


I’ve been seeing some cool Funko’s announced that are of real people, like Edgar Allen Poe and Stan Lee. So I decided to make a wishlist of people I’d like to see become a Funko Pop!

Walt Disney

Pretty sure it would be blasphemy to not include Walt Disney on this list. As the man behind the magic and the mouse that started it all, he is an icon.

Hayao Miyazaki

Another person who is truly iconic is Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli fame. Any Ghibli fan would love to see him become a Pop and recognized for all of the amazing things he has created.

Lin Manuel Miranda

My broadway nerd is showing here, but a Lin Manuel Miranda Pop would be pretty cool. The man behind In The Heights and Hamilton is pretty well-known even beyond the great white way.

Alan Menken

The man behind so many of our favorite Disney movies’ scores, Alan Menken is a treasured composer. From The Little Mermaid to Aladdin and beyond, so much of Disney’s most beloved music is composed by this man.

J.K. Rowling

I had to get a woman on this list, and I really wanted to have more. J.K. Rowling is iconic, especially among us geeks, because she created the wizarding world that so many of us adore. Even after some of her stranger moments, I still think she is worth celebrating because, without her, we would have no Harry Potter.

Who would you like to see get the Funko treatment? Share with a comment below.

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