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Bloodlust & Bonnets Review


Follow a spirited ingenue, a dashing hero-poet, and a professional vampire hunter on a quest to uncover the secrets of a vampire cult in Bloodlust & Bonnets.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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In Bloodlust & Bonnets, we follow Lucy as she is on a quest looking for Lady Travesty, a vampire aiming to recruit her to her vampire cult. However, it couldn’t be that simple. Lucy also has to deal with Lord Byron, the dashing hero-poet, Sham, a mysterious bounty hunter, and all of their different desires for finding Lady Travesty.

Overall, this is a very amusing and ridiculous story. Each character has a very clear characterization and humor to them. Even characters we only see briefly are characterized well. I found the story well written overall and the art is fantastic. And once we learned everyone’s motives and the ending began, the story was definitely worth the read.

However, I did find the whole thing exhausting to read. A huge portion of the story, about 75% actually, I was waiting for a climax and something to happen. It also started getting repetitive, and while those moments were intended for humor, it was tiring because nothing was progressing. And while every character was very clearly characterized, they also came across as one-note after a while. Lord Byron being a drama queen is only funny for so long. The ending was really fun and I wish we got to experience more of that sooner in the story.

I do still think this is an enjoyable read and I had moments where I laughed out loud. It really embraces its farce qualities and even though it had its slow moments for me, they still progressed the story so I didn’t feel like giving up on it entirely.

Bloodlust & Bonnets is officially out today, September 17th.

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