Meet A Geek Girl’s Tees

As a geek, I love flaunting my fandoms one way or another. And I had been thinking of doing something like this for a while. So here is A Geek Girl’s Tees!

I feel like it is becoming more common for bloggers and really creators to start their own shop. And I have been thinking about doing this for a while and actually started doing this more because of making custom shirts for an upcoming trip to Disneyland I am doing. So once I started doing those shirts, I started making a ton of other designs too. And that turned into A Geek Girl’s Tees.


I am hoping to tap into more niche fandoms and make more merch for things we don’t see merch of very often. I always would want shirts for some of my favorites, and they rarely if ever existed. So I’m hoping to change that at least somewhat. And I’ll still make things for crowd favorites, but maybe for the less obvious moments. ⁠

So let’s look at some of the stuff already on the shop!

Party Member Collection


For those that love D&D and want to rep their favorite class, the Party Member collection is perfect! From rogue to warlock, paladin to the game master themselves, there is a design for all.

Spooky Season Collection


Just in time for Halloween, a special Spooky Season collection is out! Check out all of the designs that are perfect for this time of year, or really any time you’re feeling a little spooky.

Disney, Harry Potter, Gaming, and More!


There is already a ton of designs up as is, and plenty more on the way. And if you have an idea for a design, you can submit it to my suggestion box! And if you want to keep up with new design releases, you can signup for the Tees newsletter or follow along on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. So what are you waiting for? Go check out the shop and find something to flaunt your fandom!