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First Look: Crumbs


Back with another first look at a Webtoon I have been enjoying. This time it is Crumbs by Whitherling and we follow the story of Ray, a young woman with some special powers and a love for the bakery that makes dreams come true with their hand-crafted treats. She may also be in love with the boy at the bakery too.

Ray is a seer, and while seers can normally see into the future, Ray can only see things exactly as they are. While this may be handy to find a ring in a baked good and will lead her to a bright future, it causes her some grief when it comes to love. But that is what the Romance treat at the bakery is for, right? Well, things might change with Laurie, the nephew of the bakery owner and aspiring singer who has started crushing on Ray.

From the start, this comic is so wholesome and sweet. It reminds me of the initial feelings with a crush and how sweet those moments are where you get butterflies in your stomach when you see your crush and can’t help but smile. There are some obstacles and information we learn along with Ray that will make this budding relationship a little more complicated than either probably anticipated.

Beyond the love story, the application of magic in this world is something I really enjoy. It feels so natural and normal in this world for people to be seers, be able to fly, be werewolves, and bake magical baked goods. Again, it feels very wholesome and comforting in a way, maybe because my magic foundation is the world of Harry Potter where magic is secret and sequestered. It just feels so nice to let magic feel normal.

Crumbs is incredibly charming and sweet and if you even remotely enjoy the romance genre of Webtoons, you should give Crumbs a try.

Have you found a wholesome webcomic that you love? Share it with me in a comment below.

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