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Favorite Twitch Streamers


I recently shared my favorite YouTube channels in a post, so I decided to also share some of my favorite Twitch streamers as well since I watch Twitch just as much as I do YouTube.


StreamDad_ is a Dead by Daylight streamer that focuses on having a positive and family-friendly community. I enjoy his streams because they are very chill, there is no salt, and everyone is friendly. Dead by Daylight is also one of my favorite games so that helps too.


Kalo is a good friend of mine that I met via Twitch. He streams a variety of games but overall enjoys highly competitive games. He is also a super chill dude and the community is very friendly and welcoming. Definitely one of my favorite communities on Twitch overall.


I actually found Gibi (pronounced like G.B.) very recently when looking for some Dead by Daylight streams to pass the time. She is also a very chill streamer (there is a theme clearly) and her tight-knit community is also very chill and friendly. I enjoy lurking in her streams while I work on stuff.


Ohm is the creator that got me into watching Twitch in the first place. He plays a variety of different games, from Minecraft to Siege to Dead by Daylight. He now only streams on Twitch on Sundays, but streams on Caffeine other days plus he ahs his YouTube channel. I like his streams because you get to interact with him more so than his videos.

Do you watch Twitch streams? What casters do you watch? Share them with a comment.

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