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With Halloween in a short few days, you’re going to need a costume fast! So here are some quick and geeky costume ideas.

Mae from Night in the Woods

With boots, jeans, and a baseball tee, you can easily make Mae from Night in the Woods. In the game she made her t-shirt herself, so you definitely could too. Even layering an orange tanktop over a long-sleeve red shirt will work. And if you want to embrace the feline side, add some cat ears.

Teen Girl Squad

Some cardboard and a sharpie can easily make you many costumes, and a great example is of Teen Girl Squad. If you don’t know Teen Girl Squad, it is a ridiculous web show that was basically a giant meme before memes existed.

Professor Trelawney

Big hair, round glasses, and a lot of layers will easily work for a Professor Trelawney look. You could carry around a teacup and read the tea leaves of others. Maybe have an occasional random prophecy. If you embrace her character along with your costume it will definitely work out.

Overcooked Chef

Whether you choose to be a human chef or one of the many other options, an Overcooked Chef is pretty simple. An apron over a solid color t-shirt and a chef’s hat will work. You could easily make a usable chef’s hat with some paper too if you don’t have one on hand. And if you want to go the animal chef route, you could paint your face or get a mask.

Ellie from The Last of Us

With The Last of Us Part 2 getting an official release date recently, there is a ton of hype around it. So it is a great time to be Ellie from either part of The Last of Us. You could go the younger Ellie in her red shirt and jeans. Or do the grown-up Ellie in her upcoming adventure. Either is fairly easy since they are everyday clothes.

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Do you have any quick and geeky costume ideas? Share them in a comment below!

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