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Hello My Name Is Review


Can you think of a person who is famous, flirtatious, and cultured? How about friendly, rich, and tattooed? That is the goal of Hello My Name Is, a party name game from Gamewright.

This game was provided to me by the publisher for this review

In Hello My Name Is, you are trying to think of a person who matches a certain set of characteristics decided on by all of the players. These characteristics range from physical attributes like blond and short to personality traits like flirtatious and serious. These characteristics are organized by card color once chosen by players. The active player will have ten seconds to name a person who fits the characteristics of a color set. Players also have X tokens that they can use to eliminate a card from a set if they are struggling. If the active player is successful, they win the cards for the color they chose. If they fail, they get an X token to use later. The first player to collect 14 or more cards wins!

As an example, the above cards are the chosen characteristics. The active player can name a person that fits either the purple cards, the teal cards, or the red card. If I am the active player, I could choose the teal set and say Abraham Lincoln to win those cards. And if I was trying to do the purple set and struggling, I could use an X token to eliminate “cultured” and only have to use “flirtatious” and “famous”. You get a little bit of strategy for those really competitive players who want those high card groups, but still straightforward enough for all skill levels and preferences.

This is a really fun party game that you can play with larger groups if needed. I played this once with a group of over 10 people and they played in pairs. It was also really easy to manipulate the game to fit the situation better and we ended up with a tie so I added a fun tie-breaker house rule because it was fitting for the event. It is also really fun seeing what teams decide to play, and how they choose to mess up other teams with their choices. It led to a lot of laughs over some of the ridiculous combinations of characteristics.

Hello My Name Is is great for all ages and all skill levels with games. It was really easy to learn and to play, was super fun, and is definitely a quality party game. And it is only $10 which is an awesome price!

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