Love Cards Against Humanity? Try These Game Too

Cards Against Humanity is a widely popular party game that really opened the door for other party games to make it to the table. Since it has opened the door, I decided to share some other party games to play is you enjoy or want to switch from Cards Against Humanity.


Hello My Name Is

Do you enjoy the prompt aspect of Cards Against Humanity? Hello My Name Is has a similar mechanic, where you are given different characteristics to prompt you to think of a person that fits. This is definitely a great choice for all ages, unlike CAH, which is a big bonus for me.



Superfight was my first replacement for Cards Against Humanity. You get to choose a hero and a characteristic for them to make them the ultimate fighter, and then fight all the other heroes. It keeps the card combinations you get from CAH, but then you can argue why your hero would win the super fight.


Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns has become one of my favorite party games that replaced CAH. You get to build a unicorn army with so many different types of unicorns. It is quirky and eccentric in ways like CAH, without going full out offensive. Plus it involves more strategy than other CAH replacements.


Exploding Kittens

Want to keep the ludicrous humor of Cards Against Humanity? Exploding Kittens is a good fit, as it is ridiculous and more adult than other games on this list. You ultimate goal is to not explode and the last one standing wins. Various cards you can use are skips, switches, shuffling the deck, and more to try to not blow up yourself. The art and card titles are so weird and crazy.



One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Want a ton of laughs without the outrageous shock value of CAH? One Night Ultimate Werewolf can do that. Everyone has a character they play and have an objective. Chaos ensues, accusations start flying, and a lot of fun is to be had.

What party games do you take to the table? Share them in a comment below!