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Indie Video Games To Play With Kids


Even though I became much more of a gamer as an adult, I started playing games as a kid. ClueFinders, Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego, and a variety of Barbie games were my go-to games as a youngster. We know that kids today still have Mario and Pokemon to get them into gaming, but I wanted to share a few indie games that are great for younger gamers to play.

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Wandersong is an adorable platformer about a bard going on an adventure to save the world through song. It has magic, friendship, and good lessons to learn which makes it great for kids. You can read my full review for more.


Tycoon style games are one of the genres that got me into gaming. While you could still bust out Roller Coaster Tycoon for the kids, Megaquarium might be a better choice for the present. It is both super fun to build your own aquarium and also educational about so many different kinds of sea life. You can read my full review of the game to learn more.


Want to play games with your kiddos? Overcooked is a great choice since it is a co-op and will give you a chance to play alongside them and teach them about working as a team and communication. Plus its all about food, and who doesn’t love food? Plus there is a sequel for even more cooking co-op goodness.

Cat Quest

Have an adventurer you need to amuse? Cat Quest is great for the littles that love to explore and be a hero. Plus there is magic, cute creatures, and pawsome cat puns. Cat Quest also has a sequel for even more kitty adventuring for your kiddo.

Tricky Towers

Have multiple kids that want to play together? Or you want to play with your kid not in a co-op setting? Tricky Towers is a fun twist on the classic Tetris that adds magic and different puzzle styles to keep it interesting. You can play with up to four players, so it can be fun for the whole family.

What indie games do you think are great for kids to play? Share them with a comment below!

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