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Board Games for Video Gamers


While there are some of us gamers that cross between video and board, others have their sides. So in an effort to get gamers to cross sides a bit, I have decided to do some recommendations. This post focuses on great board games for video gamers to try.

Boss Monster

Most video gamers know the classic side-scrolling dungeon crawler with the boss fight at the end. Boss Monster brings that style of game from your screen to the table. But, instead of playing the hero, you are playing the boss building the dungeon to defeat heroes. 

Pandemic Legacy

For the gamers that love the longer campaigns in video games, Pandemic Legacy (and really any legacy) is great. You and your friends will be trying to cure the world of various diseases while facing various difficulties. It takes 12-24 sessions to play a season of Pandemic Legacy and has a full story-arc to make it feel like you truly are in a campaign story versus the quick play of the original Pandemic.

XCOM: The Board Game

There are instances where the video games take to the table quite literally. One example is XCOM: The Board Game, based on the beloved game series XCOM. Take your elite skills to defeat the alien races that have taken over the world and humanity now on your table and with friends. 

Betrayal at House on the Hill

Are you a horror game fan? Betrayal at House on the Hill is perfect for you. You and your friends are exploring this haunted house, discover terrors and horrors and eventually triggering a potentially disastrous event. And if you really love the long campaigns in games like I mentioned above, Betrayal Legacy has you covered.

Dungeons of Fortune

Do you enjoy playing RPGs? Maybe Runescape and World of Warcraft are where you got started in gaming. If you enjoy taking on a role to gain resources, fight monsters, and get the treasure, Dungeons of Fortune is for you. You choose what type of character you want to be, with choices including rangers, paladins, and alchemists. Each character has a special ability to help you gain more gold and defeat more monsters and dragons. You get to really embrace the multiplayer RPG style of game with this one.

Do you have any board games you’d recommend to video gamers? Share them in a comment below!

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