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Video Games To Take To Your Thanksgiving Table


One of my favorite things to do during Thanksgiving is play games. We call it Thanksgaming for a reason. Even though board games are a popular option for this, there are some video games that are great for family gatherings.

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JackBox Party Packs

JackBox games are a staple for any gathering with video gaming. It is a great way to bond and have a good laugh with a wide variety of different games. And they just released a new pack, the 6th one, recently so if you have played all the others before, you can have some fresh new games to play. What is also great about JackBox is you can somewhat tailor the games to your group. If you are all adult and don’t mind a little suggestive humor, you can do that. Or you can make it totally family-friendly if needed.

Emoji Charades

I got to review Emoji Charades and it was a super fun game that my brother and I played for hours. It is really simple to get set up and play and has a large collection of topics to choose from. It is great for all ages and has skill level choices too.

Mario Party

A classic go-to is Mario Party. These games work well if you have a smaller group wanting to play since it plays fewer people than the other options thus far. And Mario is always great for if there are kids around to give them something to do.


While Overcooked is also a smaller group game, it can be super fun especially for those who aren’t cooking the actual dinner to feel like they are involved. The co-op gameplay is great to avoid conflicts later on in the day if that is a concern. Plus a game about food on a day about food sounds like an obvious choice.

Gaming is one of the best ways to bond with family. What video games would you take to your Thanksgiving table? Let me know with a comment below!

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To keep it with the tradition of turkey/chicken, how about a good ol’ round of Moorhuhn? Is that even a thing outside of German speaking countries? 🙂

But seriously, any multiplayer Mario game is perfect for parties. Depending on your guests, you can play super competitively, or casually dick around. Even the single player ones can be great fun, if you just pass the controller every now and then.

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