Currently… Fall 2019

It is time for another quarterly update! Let’s recap the fall, shall we?



Got a job

After graduating with my master’s in August, I got offered a great job the following month!

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A Geek Girl’s Tees

I opened up my geeky shop in September! It has been a fun experience and a very new and different way to express both my creativity and my geekiness. It has been fun to come up with new designs and try to spotlight different fandoms and different parts of popular fandoms.

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Started job

To continue the new job hype, I officially started working in October which was sooner than expected. It has been a huge relief to be working as well as a huge adjustment to being a full-time employee and having the blog and online store. But it has all been an enjoyable challenge thus far.



Halloween snuck up on me because there were so many other and more important things going on. But I was able to get some decor out and have a little theme for the night while I passed out candy. Overall it was an enjoyable evening.

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The most exciting thing that happened in November was going to Disneyland! It has been many, many years since I have been to the park during the holidays so it was fun to go again.

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Coming Soon


It is the holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday especially in my house where it is a month-long celebration of sorts. Our tree is up and ready to be decorated already and I’ve started my gift shopping. So I am primarily looking forward to the season as a whole.

What are you excited for in December? Let me know in the comments below!

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