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How To Geekify Holiday Traditions


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so why not make it geeky? I’m sharing some tips for turning classic holiday traditions geekier!


While we are already into the month, there is still time to do some advent! And I wrote an entire post with ideas for doing geeky advent calendars, from gaming to Disney and more.

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Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is really the centerpiece of the holidays for many, so making it geeky is a good way to go to flaunt your fandoms festively. You can theme it after a particular fandom like Harry Potter or Disney. Or go the extra mile for some really cool setups like the Portal tree above.


There are tons of geeky stockings out there, even in your local Walmart. Or this is a fun way to do some DIY and design it yourself. And since stockings are personally attached to someone, they can pick the fandom they want to be which is fun.


If you enjoy making gingerbread houses, why not make those geeky? Try to make Hogwarts out of confections for example. One year my brother and I made a Murder on the Orient Express gingerbread train.

House Decor

From garland to wreaths to lights outside, you can decorate for the holidays in many ways. I really enjoy the clever outdoor setups like the Grinch stealing the lights off of the house or a Nightmare Before Christmas setup which you can have up for Halloween too. And for indoor decor, it is a good time to DIY some things, like this Mickey Mouse wreath from Come to the Nerd Side.

How have you geekified your holidays? Share your ideas with a comment below!

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