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How To Throw A Geeky Holiday Party


Want to throw a party for the holidays but make it more geeky? I am sharing tips on how you can do just that.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme will help you set up the direction you want to go in. You can pick a particular fandom as inspiration or focus on an activity like gaming. One cool idea you could do is host your very own Yule Ball!

Make the Festive Things Geeky and Vice Versa

There are the festive traditions we’ve come to know and love and they are a great way to take your holiday part in a geeky direction! I wrote a whole post on making holiday traditions, like your tree, decor, stockings, etc, geeky that will definitely help you out here. Some other off the top of my head examples are cookie decorating with geeky shaped cookies, gingerbread house building of favorite fandom places, or a geeky White Elephant gift exchange.

Also, take geeky things and make them festive. If you wanted more of a game night party, find festive and holiday-themed games to play. I have written posts for both video games and board games that are great for the holidays if you need suggestions. You could also do a festive cosplay party as an example.

Frozen 2 Spice Cake by Geeks Who Eat

Food is Your Best Friend

I’d argue that food is the most important part of any gathering. And it is also a great opportunity to bring the festive and fandom together! Think Star Wars themed Christmas cookies and hot Butterbeer. Plus there are a bunch of awesome geeky food bloggers to help you with recipes, like Popcorner Reviews and Geeks Who Eat.

Are you planning a geeky holiday party this year? Share with us what you’ve got planned in the comments!

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