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Gift Guide for Geeky Bloggers


Many bloggers, myself included, have put out a gift guide or a few for different fandoms and geek types. But what about a gift guide for the content creators of all things geeky? Look no further as I am going to recommend some gift ideas for the geeky content creator in your life.

Camera and/or Accessories

Whether they focus on geeky fashion and need to take their outfit of the day photos, need to take product photos of their DIYs or things they are sent, or have not gotten into photography but have mentioned it, cameras and accessories are great. A camera would be a great gift if your creator needs an upgrade or to get them started. A DSLR or mirrorless is the best for quality, but you can also find some nice point-and-shoots for beginners. If you can’t necessarily afford to go that big, there are tons of accessories that are useful. Here is an off the top of my head list of somethings that are definitely handy to have.

  • SD Cards. You can never have enough.
  • Tripod. A full size one or a smartphone one are both useful.
  • Smartphone camera lenses. They can add some creative options for the smartphone photographer in your life.
  • Software like Photoshop. The ability to edit makes a huge difference.
  • A nice camera bag to hold everything.

Gift Cards

I will always say gift cards are a great gift idea if you do it right. If you get more specific with the card, it is more thoughtful. When it comes to us geeky content creators, a lot of what we cover involves us making purchases in some way. Whether it is game reviews buying games, movie bloggers needing to go see movies, Disney writers going to the parks, there is a lot of things to purchase for us. So some gift cards that are great are like Steam or console-specific gift card for gamers, Barnes and Noble gift cards for book bloggers and even board gamers, Disney gift cards, movie theater gift cards or certificates, and so on.

Computer Accessories

Whether a blogger or a video maker or a podcaster, we are all using computers to put our work out there. And if you can help us make it easier to do that with some computer accessories, that would be awesome. One thing that makes my life easier is a wireless mouse. Having an actual mouse makes editing photos and making graphics much easier. An external hard drive is a great gift idea so we can save our content somewhere as a backup.

Support Our Content

This stuff takes a lot of work and passion, so support makes a huge difference. Whether you decide to become a patron on their Patreon, share their content, or help them with projects, the support means more than anything else.

What would you want to get as a gift to help you create content? Share your ideas with a comment below!

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